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Though I do not often celebrate Valentines Day myself (I think it’s a bit odd to honor a saint who was martyred by beheading with candies and sappy romance movies), I still like the excuse to make something simple and fun to share with friends.

This year, I decided I would “borrow” (in true gypsy fashion!) an idea that was used by a friend of mine in the past. A few years ago, she made all of her friends (yours truly included) a little puzzle with a valentines day saying on it. She used a blank cardboard puzzle that can be purchased at any craft store, and decorated it with construction paper hearts, glitter, and markers. She then divided the pieces to each puzzle into three or four envelopes, and sent them out to us one at a time. Thus, we recieved a couple puzzle pieces a day every day leading up to valentines day, and got the final piece on the holiday itself.

I thought this was a lovely way to show your friends you care, and decided to try the same concept myself, but with cheaper materials. As alas, like all gypsies, I am but a poor wanderer.

That being said, I started with some construction paper, glue, pens, and the glories of images printed off the internet, and ended up with this:

Completed card with puzzle pieces.

I created the card by gluing three layers of construction paper together, so that it would be thick enough to form a decent backing for the puzzle, should the recipient choose to glue it on to the card. I also made sure I cut out a handy shape inside the card to give the person an idea of what they’d be assembling:

Inside of the card with puzzle pieces.

I then separated out the pieces into three envelopes, and mailed them over the holiday. The first had the card and one puzzle piece, and the second and third each held half of the remaining puzzle pieces. So yesterday, everyone had all the pieces they needed to start working:

Valentines Puzzle!

And with a little patience, they’d end up with a fun little valentine to keep:

Reassembled Valentines Puzzle!

I did a different valentine saying for each friend, and it was a lot of fun looking online to find interesting photos to use for them. My favorite was one I did (and sadly didn’t get a picture of) that had Daleks and the saying “You’re Dalek-table!” Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd. But it was cute!

Happy Belated Valentines/Singles Awareness Day everyone!


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