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Last night I found myself perusing the yarn bins at my local Michaels, hoping to find something interesting before the end of their annual holiday sale. Much to my surprise, I discovered two of the three colors of Wool Ease that I’ve been trying to find for ages. Unfortunately, in following the pattern established by all of my other trips to yarn suppliers, they did not have the third color I need on hand. Still, hopeful that I’d be able to locate the third color either at another store or online, I purchased a skein each of Spice and Pumpkin and headed for home.

This morning I jumped online in the hopes of finding a store that carries the elusive third color, so that I might start my project as soon as possible. Apparently, this was a mistake.

You see, I logged onto the Lion Brand website in order to pinpoint the exact color I need. Soon, I discovered that out of the 53 colors they boast on their website for Wool Ease, they apparently no longer make/carry the color I need: Butterscotch. Though this color is still featured on both Michaels’ and Joann’s websites, apparently NONE of the stores within driving distance of me have this color in stock.

Which means I now need to figure out a good substitute color for this project, but unfortunately I haven’t seen enough of it to make a good call in terms of an online order. Anyone have any suggestions as to a good shade of yellow for the fabled Jayne hat? Preferably a yellow Wool Ease that Lion Brand still makes?

Heather Hill's AMAZING Jayne hat!

And yes, the pattern I use for this project is in fact Heather’s famous pattern for Ma Cobb’s masterpiece.


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