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The other day as I was catching up on Twitter, I came across a rather silly request from a friend, tossed out into the ether in the hopes that someone would give it life:

For some reason, even though I confess I’ve no talent for drawing whatsoever, this image struck me as so ridiculous that I couldn’t possibly let it slip by unnoticed. So, I grabbed my drawing pencils and my moldable eraser, and I sketched out the following pencil image, hoping it would bring a smile to my friend’s face.

Pencil Sketch of Holmes and Watson

I promptly sent it to her, and then went about my day ignoring the urge to color it in. I thought that having produced the sketch would be enough, and that I could be happy that it didn’t look as awful as some of the other things I’ve drawn. But of course, like all little kids who loved craft time best, I couldn’t let it rest until I’d gone back and finished what I started. And so, I grabbed my markers and pencils, and produced the following:

Colored version of Holmes and Watson

I even went as far as to poke about online to see if I couldn’t find out what color Holmes’ eyes are supposed to be (as I sadly don’t have my Sherlock Holmes compendium with me at present), but alas I couldn’t find such information. So I settled on dark blue, and hoped for the best. In the end, I decided it wouldn’t matter too much, as after all, they are supposed to be a cute, childlike, cartoon version.

The pencil sketch was drawn with Derwent 2B Graphic pencil, and then outlined with a ballpoint pen in some places, and crayola markers in others. It was colored in with Blick Studio Artists’ Colored Pencils, and drawn and colored on Strathmore Premium Recycled Sketch paper.

And no, I’m still not entirely sure why the mouse is there, but for some reason he needed to be. And yes, if nothing else, his name is Basil.


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A few nights ago I found myself staring at the walls of my new room, which are unfortunately painted a clinical white. Looking around my small living space I realized that the walls feel far too barren to make the place truly habitable, and decided I would have to get some art to put up on them. Sadly, all of my posters and various portable art works are miles away, and I, having renewed my poor college student status after a prolonged haitus, have virtually no funds to use for decorations.

So of course I grabbed a piece of leftover cardboard salvaged from a previous resident, and began to contemplate ways in which to create a slightly less barren looking landscape on my walls. After a short conversation with a friend of mine about the concept of dorm room feng shui, I decided that whatever I did would need to inspire peace, happiness, and creativity. And so, after a bit of browsing around the web, I came up with a celtic knotwork patten that recreates the triple moon goddess symbol I’m most fond of.

I started by printing out the design patterns I wanted to recreate, and used a ruler to measure out three even sections of my piece of cardboard. I then used pencil to redraw the images I’d chosen onto the cardboard, only much larger than their computer printed versions:

Pencil Outlines

Once I was satisfied with the outline, I grabbed a set of tempra paints and several brushes, and set to work filling it in:

The outline with the center portion colored in.

After I’d gotten my colors on the center knotwork, I used a set of sharpies and various markers to outline the piece, so that the final result would look cleaner and more defined:

Center knotwork colored and outlined.

It was at that point that I realized I didn’t have the color I wanted for the crescents, and would have to mix up something. Unfortuantely, I also ran out of time to finish and had to leave it sit for a while. I have been continually working on it when I can this week, and plan to finish it this weekend when I’ve a bit more free time.

I’m also considering painting in the background a deep blue or black, so that there isn’t any white negative space left. Because goddess knows I’ve got plenty of that here already. So until then, I leave you with one final closeup of what I’ve done so far:

Closeup of the center knot.

Come back this weekend to see the finished result! Same bat time, same bat channel…

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