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On the first night of this new year as I sat awake and staring at the wall, I got the itch to make something crafty. As I pondered my options, I thought through all the unfinished knitting projects currently sitting in my baskets. I thought of the couple kits I’ve got that were scavenged from clearance sales over the last year that I still have yet to open. But mostly, I thought of the random bits and pieces sitting in my craft drawers and what could be made from them.

And then I remembered that I still had all the necessary supplies to make a few dream catchers. So I pulled out some leather, semi-precious stone chips, artificial sinew (yes, you really can buy this at Michaels), a metal ring, and a couple silver jewelry pendants that I’d been waiting to find the perfect project for. I then sat down and turned on a few episodes of Bones to watch while I worked, and after about 3 hours of fiddling I produced the following:

Silver Wolf Dream Catcher

The blue stone chips are Blue Jade, which is said to help focus and calm in meditation. The shiny black chips are hematite, which is said to help reduce stress and encourage positive energies. Rather than hang feathers off the bottom (mostly because I didn’t have any little connectors to secure them to the sinew), I hung small silver brooms with little celtic knotwork charms. The pendant in the center is a wolf’s head that I found on a trip to the jewelry district in LA.

Overall I’m happy with the way it turned out, and considering making another one. Though on the next one I make I will have to add more webbing, as I wasn’t incredibly happy with the size of the opening in the center. And we’ll see if I use quite so many stone chips again, as they were kind of a pain to get onto the sinew.


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