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The other day as I was catching up on Twitter, I came across a rather silly request from a friend, tossed out into the ether in the hopes that someone would give it life:

For some reason, even though I confess I’ve no talent for drawing whatsoever, this image struck me as so ridiculous that I couldn’t possibly let it slip by unnoticed. So, I grabbed my drawing pencils and my moldable eraser, and I sketched out the following pencil image, hoping it would bring a smile to my friend’s face.

Pencil Sketch of Holmes and Watson

I promptly sent it to her, and then went about my day ignoring the urge to color it in. I thought that having produced the sketch would be enough, and that I could be happy that it didn’t look as awful as some of the other things I’ve drawn. But of course, like all little kids who loved craft time best, I couldn’t let it rest until I’d gone back and finished what I started. And so, I grabbed my markers and pencils, and produced the following:

Colored version of Holmes and Watson

I even went as far as to poke about online to see if I couldn’t find out what color Holmes’ eyes are supposed to be (as I sadly don’t have my Sherlock Holmes compendium with me at present), but alas I couldn’t find such information. So I settled on dark blue, and hoped for the best. In the end, I decided it wouldn’t matter too much, as after all, they are supposed to be a cute, childlike, cartoon version.

The pencil sketch was drawn with Derwent 2B Graphic pencil, and then outlined with a ballpoint pen in some places, and crayola markers in others. It was colored in with Blick Studio Artists’ Colored Pencils, and drawn and colored on Strathmore Premium Recycled Sketch paper.

And no, I’m still not entirely sure why the mouse is there, but for some reason he needed to be. And yes, if nothing else, his name is Basil.


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