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Not long ago I met a lovely couple through a mutual friend, right after they’d had their first child. I got to see the little one a mere week or two after she first came home, and she is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, she is so adorable that my first instinct upon seeing her was “I must knit her tiny things!!!”. And thus, the saga of Baby Bear began.

I have a pattern for teddy bears that I actually really like, because it’s simple and produces cute little bears. It’s actually the pattern from the Mother Bear Project, which is a wonderful charity that EVERYONE should support. Their goal is to provide support and comfort to children affected by HIV/Aids in emerging nations. One of the ways they do this is by asking people to send them hand-knit bears, which they then give to a needy child.

Their bear pattern is free on their website, and while I have knit a couple and sent them in to the charity, I also really love the pattern as a gift for people, and therefore have used it to make bears for friends as well. When I set out to make a bear for the newborn, I realized that the standard size bear it produces would be far too big for her tiny hands to hold. So I decided to try to modify the pattern to make a smaller bear.

Baby Bear with too many limbs!

Once I thought the process out in my head, I began to knit the bear with a reduced number of stitches. She knit up pretty quick and I was pretty pleased with how well she turned out at this point.

Trimmed yarn and added skirt!

Once I trimmed her up so I could see what I was doing, I picked up stitches on the front and back and added her skirt. Once I put her all together with stuffing and all, I figured out a better way of doing this so that the skirt turns out more skirt-like and looks less oddly shaped.

Completed Baby Bear!

Yes her skirt is a little weird, but I think for my first time modifying a pattern on my own she’s not too bad. And for once the face I gave her doesn’t look terribly creepy (I’ve never been too good at embroidery)! Baby Bear is made of Homespun yarn and stuffed with hypo-allergenic filling, and she is entirely washer safe. Which is probably a good thing, knowing wee ones and what inevitably happens to their little toys.

Here’s hoping the little one likes it!


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Last Thursday I wrote about my beginning of a project to create better feng shui in my dorm room. Over the course of the weekend I spent a good amount of time working on my celtic knotwork poster, and am proud to say that I have finished it and mounted it on my wall. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, and now feel like my room is ever so slightly more lived in.

When I last left off I had finished the color and outline for the center knot. Upon picking up the work again, I first mixed myself a shade of silvery gray that I was content with, and filled in the the crescents:

Silvery Gray painted in the crescents.

Once I had that done, I left it alone for a couple days. I toyed with the idea of filling in the negative space for a while, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to spend a great deal of time filling in the small spaces with a tiny brush. Finally, I decided I’d just have to bite the bullet and pain them in, if only to remove as much white space from the room as possible. So I mixed myself a jar of a deep blue and set to work:

Filling in the fiddly bits.

After a good two hours or so of working on filling in all the minuscule spaces (and believe me, there are a lot of them!) with an exceptionally tiny brush to be sure my lines were as clean as possible, I grabbed a larger brush and set to work on the brackground:

Initial fill in of the background.

Now, at this point I was nearly sure I was done. I was all set to wait for it to dry so I could hang it on the wall. But the more I looked at it the more I realized there was something important missing…

Added stars to the background.

Stars! Of course! I’d created this lovely night sky and left it completely blank. Silly me. So I cleaned that impossibly small brush and used it to create little pinpoints of light all over the background. This being done I felt it was less like looking at a picture and a bit more like looking out a window. Granted, I’ve never seen the moon look quite like this, but I feel I’m allowed some artistic license.

Finally, I realized that the one thing that was still missing was an outline on the crescents to tie them in to the rest of the knotwork. Yes, I thought they looked fine on their own, but I also knew that there was a silver sharpie in the possession of a friend that I could borrow, and so I once again set to work:

Outlined the crescents.

There! Finally finished! Once it was dry I went to put it up, only to realize that all of the water I used had bowed the cardboard outward, making it impossible to mount successfully. Never fear though, as I quickly whipped out every heavy book in the room (and yes, as an art history major, I’ve quite a few) and within a day or so I had a lovely flat piece of work ready to be put up for my viewing pleasure:

A much calmer space.

So there you have it! My finished tribute to the concept of dorm room feng shui. Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a real name for it, but for the moment I’m content just to have filled part of my wall space with a little less white, and a lot more color.

And don’t mind Jack’s expression. I’m sure he loves it just as much as Yoda does.

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