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Goodbye old site!

The time has come (the walrus said) for me to move on to a shiny new domain!

Over the last couple weeks I’ve slowly but surely been working on a new home for this blog, one that provides me with a multitude of new options to explore and customize until all my geeky needs are filled. The road to nerdvana has been filled with setbacks and frustrations, but I feel that I have finally gotten the new site working well enough to be shared with all (2) of my loyal readers and the rest of teh intarwubz.

That being said, over the next month or so you’ll see this blog slowly begin to disappear into the vast nothingness that is the data stream. I’ll start by deleting the oldest posts and working my way forward until this site is no more. But don’t worry, everything is already up on the new site, safe and permalinked in a shiny new paid-for server.

So clink on the banner below to come and visit me at my new digs, and maybe leave a comment or two? With any luck, I’ll see you all there.

Come visit my new home!


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Make it so!

One day this will all be scarves...

Welcome to my latest adventure into the world of online blogging!

Having spent the bulk of my life playing with various craft materials and exploring hobbies traditionally meant for little old ladies with lots of time on their hands, I decided that it is finally time for me to try and keep better track of the various things I’ve done and want to do in the crafty world. And what better place for that than the internet?

So this is my beginning. I promise to post blogs about the various projects I’ve embarked on and hope to one day complete (because who doesn’t have the odd half-finished project lying around their craft bin these days?), as well as pictures and links to useful information. And hey! Maybe one day I’ll get all fancified and post a video or two!

So here we go. Set a course for the unknown and disengage the the docking clamps. It’s time to push that big red button your mother always warned you about.

And don’t worry, I know where my towel is.

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