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Here’s hoping that you all spent New Years Eve with friends and family who made it a wonderful night, and helped you begin this new year with some joyous memories.

My resolution for the new year? To stop letting past events dictate my actions and to be more creative and crafty than ever before!

And to start 2010 off right, I give you the baking madness that was my New Years Eve day:

All three of these tasted fantastic, even if the peanut butter popcorn did come out a little overdone. The only other problem I had was that the recipe for the cheesecake layer on the brownies made too much cheesecake, so it didn’t quite swirl.

But in the end it didn’t matter much, because there is no such thing as “too much cheesecake”.

Happy 2010 everyone! May it be filled with happiness and joy, and be your best year yet!


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