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While this isn’t much of a post I thought I might let you all know two things:

1. I am currently working on upgrading this blog, and will hopefully be rolling out a fancy new site with all the bells and whistles soon! I’ve purchased hosting and will be forwarding everything over to my new domain just as soon as I get it all figured out.

2. Today I entered into the Neil Gaiman Audio contest, which offers the winner a speaking role in the new recording of American Gods, as well as the opportunity to meet Mr. Gaiman himself. Now, considering there are literally hundreds of entrants into this contest already, I’m not terribly optimistic about my chances. But it would be lovely to see a few votes float my way between now and the time the contest ends. So do me a favor? Go listen to my recording, and if you like it well enough, send a vote my way.

You can vote for me here.


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In an effort to make this blog the best little craft corner on the web that it can be, I’m still working on updating and adding pages. That being said, I’ve updated my Shop page to be a little cleaner looking.

I’ve also created a new banner to replace the default, which hopefully is a sight better than before. Of course, I’ll definitely continue to create new banners for this blog as time goes on, as I do love any excuse to mess about in photoshop.

Because really, who doesn’t want to mess around with a giant digital scrapbook?

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